The Criffel Skyline Mug

Criffel Skyline mug

After months of planning (can you tell we’re excited?) the Criffel Skyline Mug is here!

Criffel. This huge peat covered hunk of granite dominates the skyline for miles around and is a big feature on the Solway coastline and the South West Coast 300 (also known as #SWC300) as well.

If you’re a walker or mountain biker you’ll know the paths to Waterloo Monument, Knockendoch and Criffel itself.

But, even those of us who don’t actually take to the hills know that skyline. It’s the view that changes every day, and often during the day as well. From miles around, we look and we check. Is the cloud on Criffel today? Is it white on top of Criffel yet? What’s the sunset behind Criffel like tonight?

And now, you can have the Criffel skyline in your own kitchen, holiday home, motorhome, caravan or even on your desk.

The Criffel Skyline bone china mug was designed for us by Steve at Artibrand Ltd (his desk used to look right over to Criffel, so he knows the view!) and produced for us in Scotland.

How to get your Criffel Skyline Mug

Visit us – we’re right next to Sweetheart Abbey, just 6 miles from Dumfries. Collect your mug from our gift shop, and take in our view of Criffel.┬áThis link will take you to Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can order online. Please visit this webpage to place your order and we’ll post it out to you.

Thank you.