A St Andrew’s Day recipe!

Flapjack recipe for St Andrews Day

A special treat for St Andrew’s Day. Why not try our recipe and make some delicious ‘Cranachan inspired’ Raspberry Flapjack?

The traditional Scottish dish of Cranachan is a dessert with raspberries, oats, cream and whisky. This tasty flapjack has quite a few of those ingredients, but sadly not the whisky.  Maybe you could pour yourself a wee tot to drink alongside?

It’s quick to prepare and takes less than half an hour in the oven.

Flapjack Ingredients

300g butter

2 tbsp golden syrup

125g light brown sugar

60g plain flour

275g porridge oats

Raspberry Jam


1 tbsp natural yoghurt

50g cream cheese

200g icing sugar


Pre-heat the oven to 180º. Grease a loose based square baking tin, 20 x 20 cm.

Place the butter, syrup and sugar in a pan and heat gently and stir until the butter has melted.

Remove from the heat and stir in the oats and flour.

Spread half the mixture into the baking tin and then cover with a layer of the raspberry jam. Spread the remaining mixture on the top.

Bake in the oven for 25 min, until golden.

When it’s baked, remove from the oven and allow to cool. Remove from the tin while it is still warm.

While the flapjack is cooling, make the topping by combing the yoghurt, cream cheese and icing sugar and beat until you have a smooth texture.

Spread over the flapjack and leave it to set. Later, cut the flapjack into squares or fingers.

A wee bit more

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